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 Born from european (France) mother and african (Congo) father, Ezéchiel N'tsaï (#EzechielViolin) starts early music aprendiceship by classical violin at National Conservatory of Aix-en-Provence (7 to 14 years old) in southern France. Although gifted in practice, feeling oppressed by a too stiff approach of music, teenager, he will quickly prefer to move towards a more natural approach of music by learning guitar completely self-taught, setting aside the violin and the theoretical conservatory approach.

It is then (10 years later) finding a fulfillment in guitare practice that Ezéchiel N'tsaï reconciled his musical talent with violin & theoretical music getting a Musicology License Degree (Option Jazz & Improvised Music ) starting over classical violin with the great violin teacher Igor Ramos in Paris where, in parallel, he will study and embrace the world of dance ( especially Street Dances, Hip-Hop, Afros dances, latin dances, Martial).

Today, after many years touring  worldwide between Europe, South & Central America, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia... after numerous meetings & collaborations with artists in music & dance, following an extraordinary encounter with the authentic former Jazz musician Gerry Eastman in New York with whom he trained to develop his play & improvisation on violin, also training dancing with several members of the worldwide famous ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS Crew ( aka Michael Jackson ’s Dance Teachers, Choregraphers & Dancers), that Ezéchiel N'tsaï follows a path that does not want to be limited to only 1 style / genre / musical culture that is jazz: his "unique" improvisation habilities on violin & dance permit him to play/perform on any kind of contexts, from solo to duets, trios, bands, singers, rappers, DJs, in nightclubs/beachclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, live bars, jazz clubs, theaters, concert halls, on all types of music from Classical, to Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, R & B, Hip- Hop, Latin, Flamenco, Electro, World, etc...






現在、様々な旅、また世界的に有名なELECTRICBOOGALOOS Crew(別名、マイケルジャクソンのダンス教師、振付師、ダンサー)のメンバーと一緒にダンスを学び、トレーニングします、音楽やダンスに関わる様々なアーティストとの出会いや彼らとのコラボレーションそして、バイオリンの演奏・即興演奏を彼に指導したニューヨークの由緒あるジャズミュージシャンたちとの運命的な出会いによりエゼキエルは、クラシック・ブルース・ジャズ・ファンク・ソウル・R&B・ヒップホップ・ラテン・フラメンコ・エレクトロ・ハウス・ワールドミュージック、彼が触れるどんな音楽でも演奏し、ジャンルやスタイルにとらわれない独自の道を進んでいる。